Qpost Branch (Ezdan, Wakra)

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Postal Services are important. They provide a means of contact between people and organizations across the world. Even people in the remotest areas, thousands of kilometers apart and in different parts of the globe can communicate with each other as long as they both enjoy the benefits of a reliable national Postal Service. This simple form of communication is generally acknowledged as being very inexpensive in comparison with other forms of communication. The road to providing a reliable, swift and efficient Postal Service is one that demands constant attention. Costs have to be minimized to keep charges down and customers happy, while service quality is maximized. The balance between cost and quality, together with providing new services required by customer's means that Postal Administrations must journey along a very long road; indeed, this is a road that never ends. But there has always been a beginning…

Direction from Doha

  • Address : Al Wukair St, Al Wukair
  • Contact Numbers : 44464000
  • Working Days : Monday 7AM–5PM Tuesday 7AM–5PM Wednesday 7AM–5PM Thursday 7AM–5PM Friday Closed Saturday 8–11AM Sunday 7AM–5PM
  • Website : www.qpost.com.qa

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