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Farlin is a renowned brand all over the world which has exceeded 40 years trusted service. With slogan of “Your baby is our concern”, Farlin expresses how your baby is protected with Farlin safety. Farlin proudly announces that Farlin products have been developed with research support of its own hospital. Farlin hospital is specialized for pregnant mothers and new born babies. Farlin brand is also registered in UK and USA while complying with UK and USA standards and specifications. At the moment Farlin products are available in over 82 countries all over the world with approval of relevant authorities. Some of the standards that Farlin product has got through are ISO 9001-2008 standards, USA FDA standards, EURO standard, Japan Industrial standard, India Industrial standard, USA ASTM Standards etc..

Direction from Doha

  • Address : Doha
  • Contact Numbers : 44325033
  • Working Days : Thursday 9AM–1PM, 4–11:45PM Friday 9AM–1PM, 4–11:45PM Saturday 9AM–1PM, 4–11:45PM Sunday 9AM–1PM, 4–11:45PM Monday (Qatar National Day (Observed)) 9AM–1PM, 4–11:45PM Hours might differ Tuesday (Qatar National Day) 9AM–1PM, 4–11:45PM Hours might differ Wed
  • Website : www.farlin.lk

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